Unplugging Controller Pauses Game

I have a game scheduled to release on Steam and during the Game Build Review, they are requesting I implement the following functionality:

When the controller is unplugged during gameplay, the game does not automatically pause.

I only know how to Blueprint, is this possible in Unreal 4.21 through blueprinting?
Thank you!

I found this Reddit post where someone else in the same situation as you asked the same question.

[Question] Event on Gamepad Disconnect??

Unfortunately, that post, and everything else I could find during a few minutes searching online, seemed to suggest that the way to do this invariably involves some minor C++ coding. I know this isn’t very helpful, so I’ll leave it as a comment and hope that someone else comes along to prove me wrong!

The simplest solution is to use App And Gamepad Utils plugin from UE Marketplace: pause the game when gamepad is disconnected or game is minimized. It expose C++ function to do that in blueprint where you bind your event, see attached blueprint.