Unplaced Mesh Causes Weird Camera/Actor Behavior

So, I’m working on this little game, for fun, Mr. Banana Grabber. And I found this FBX prison tower that I wanted to incorporate. It’s a well-built free mesh, but that’s all it is, a mesh.

It basically makes my game go nutty. I’ve seen my character fly, the camera get stuck, massive clipping of my character mesh, and more. (And I imported it into my production branch, because, it’s just a mesh…)

Thankfully, deleting it fixed the problem. But I also have some copy projects that I use to test stuff on. So I imported it into that version, and never even placed it on the ground. It should not be affecting any physics in any way that I can see.

It still does it.

Initially, I though perhaps there was an invisible part or something that was interacting with my character somehow, but that’s not the case.

Anyway, not really looking for help, but it does seem like a really odd behavior, and I was wondering what might be the cause, or if anyone has ever run into something like this.

Mr. Banana Grabber - Mr. Banana Grabber .85a Game Demo - YouTube (Unrelated to problem.)

Did you look at the mesh in collision vizualization view?

I…I didn’t even know that existed. Thanks! Useful no matter what. But I’ll let you know what I find. I suspect this is easier than trying to figure out 50 different check boxes…

Annnd five minutes later, you’ve likely solved it. That led me into checking the collision bounds for the various pieces, and I think they’re way over-sized, which makes total sense.

Ten minutes later, fixed. And I learned a few things in this that are really valuable (for noobs following at home): COMBINE MESH when importing a multi-mesh object, and maybe turn off autogenerate collision on import.

Wow. Thanks for kick in the butt I needed!

Excellent! :slight_smile: