[UNPAID] Witchlyn Productions Looking To Set Up A Dev Team To Build Indie Studio

Project Title:
Embers of a Dark World

The flame of the great furnace has begun to die off and with it, all the fire in the world. Even the sky has gone into eternal night as the Furnace Keeper has reached the point of tearing out his own hair to keep the fire burning, for this furnace’s fire is no ordinary flame, but feeds off of life itself. The player must do all they can to restore the flame using strange embers from a lost world, one that feels so familiar to the player.


  • Suspenseful and dark open world
  • A lantern system with a dimming illumination as the flame dies down
  • Strange and story driven characters
  • Third Person View
  • A Back Burner-style story that immerses players without relying heavily on it

Team Structure:
Trey Langley (Project Creator)
Project Management, Unreal Engine, Game Design, 3D Artist, 3D Character Artist, Concept Artist (Blender)

Wade Ervin
Story Writing, Unreal Engine

Previous Work:
No finished projects as of yet, however we have two more projects being worked on with a few friends getting into development called Halløwed and In Vain.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)

  • Capability to make realistic High Poly and Low Poly game models
  • Able to export as FBX
  • Able to create baked textures to be used with models in game

3D Character Artist (1)

  • Blender Experience preferred
  • Capability of creating, rigging and animating things such as player, npc, and enemy models.

Website: (Under reconstruction, still public)
Witchlyn Productions

Phone: (501)-628-6195