Unpaid until kickstarter- looking for a blueprint maker!

The amount of work needed to make a video game , is so overwhelming when you are solo, I have the time, but for some reason understanding core concepts in UE4 such as the blueprint systems eludes, me, then I fight with fbx issues with blender, its such an uphill struggle!! I have this awesome idea, but the hurdles I keep hitting really keep holding me back. I need some structure.

So I’m going to write up a brief of the concept.

Then create a roadmap of where things should be and when.

I’m confident that when it hits a certain point, a kickstarter can be made to get some revenue into it, to be able to pull a team together to push it to the next level.

If you read this and think you can help please get in touch . I can model and texture pretty fast too and animating is coming along nicely. But I’m in need of a programmer who knows their way around the blueprint system. So get in touch if you want to know more and I will be happy to talk over the concept and where things need to be!