[UNPAID] TTS - Tag The Sheep - Looking for 3D Artist / Animator

Heyho together!
Dead Pants Studios is looking for a 3D Artist / 3D Animator.
The job is voluntary but includes shares in the future company.

We offer:

  • A professional working attitude. (Design Bachlor Graduates / Master Graduates)
  • Team meetings = Working together is more fun and motivating
  • From 2020 to develop in our own cellar ( Germany - Aachen > near Cologne - for free! )
  • Possible credit for your studies or portfolio
  • A super friendly and dedicated team
  • Secures a contract of shares in the project

What we are looking for:

  • 3D Artist and / or 3D Animator
  • Respect and honesty in criticism!
  • communicative and enjoy our project

Project description: Multiplayer Hide - & - Seek with Jump ‘&’ Run and Moba Elements.
SheepTag from WC3 <-> for inspiration

Our Team:
Project Lead / Game Designer / 3D Allrounder - Til Game
Programmer - Yannick
Concept Art - Jil
GameDesign and UIX Design - Jannis
LevelDesign and TechArt - Chris

f interested simply contact us and further details will be given.

Greetings from Germany!