[UNPAID] "Superhero" game (Name yet to be decided)

Project Title:
Yet to be decided

This game will focus around a teenage boy who has recently gained the powers of electrokinesis and sound wave manipulation in a world that has already established powers and powered people within itself. I am still unsure about what style the game will be, at the moment I am thinking an open world like Spider-Man but with a little more emphasis on stealth than Spider-Man. The one thing I am certain of is that it will be very much story driven.

If development goes well and we can see the future for the game then we will try kickstarting it etc. to help raise money for creating it etc.

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

People on the project:
At the moment the only people on this project is me, Gavin, as it’s literally just an idea at the moment. I would work more on the story and character and world lore and how the game will be played (what mechanics will it use etc).

Talent Required:
Literally all talent involved within game development is required as it is currently only me.

C++ Coder(s)
People who have experience in coding open world and “superhero” games preferred however anyone is welcome.

To work alongside me in creating the characters, world lore, story etc.

3D Character Animator/Animator(s)
Someone to create and animate/rig the characters involved within the game for the coders to work with.

3D Environment Artist(s)
Someone to create the exterior world and interior levels that will be explored within the game.

Concept Artist(s)
To create artwork for the game.

3D Effect Artist(s)
To create the effects of the powers that will be used by the characters within the game.


If you have any work you would like to show then please feel free to email it over

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Gav1n L33#9837
(Probably have more chance to contact me on Discord)
I will set up a Discord channel to use for communications between all members of the team.