[UNPAID] > [STARTUP SHAREHOLDER] > [PAID] > [ROYALTY + SHARES] - Looking for 3D Artist and Game Programmer for Tactical FPS Shooter.

Game Description: Tactical FPS shooter based on real special ops units.
Game Traits: Modern environment with an engaging balance between simulative and ludic aspects and highly personalizable characters.

Role Available 1: 3D Artist.
Role Available 2: Game Programmer.
Other Roles Available: We are open to speculative applications.

Collaboration: Part-Time > Full-Time.

Objective: Build a playable demo > Create the startup > Get founded > Publish > Enjoy.

Team Composition:

  • Interface and Level Design (filled) by 1 Award-Winning Game Designer.
  • Military Practices Experts (filled) by 2 Marins Veterans.
  • 3D Artist (vacant).
  • Game Programmer (vacant).

Business Context:
Whoever will join the team at this stage will be considered a founding partner of the studio and will qualify for royalties and shares once the startup is founded.

Why this project:
The current team members are all successful in their respective companies, but they want to create their own game and establish their businesses.

It is an excellent opportunity to be a founding partner of a game development studio and work with highly successful talents.

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Hello, I am also looking into starting my own company and am in contact with 2 3D artist, 2-3 programmers and 2-3 story writers as well as at least 2 level design artists. We are currently working on a multiplayer zombie game that we think will be a hit, would you guys like to join teams and possibly work on a few more projects. We have an idea for an open world third person hand-to-hand combat/ nature style fighting game. We also have an idea for a storyline/multiplayer game that is very story based, and a horror game idea with good reviews. We also have a Foosball game that is in the prototype phase and just needs multiplayer replication and AI. I think if we complete the Foosball game or the zombie game we can sell skin packs and such to make enough funds for other games and such

We want to stay focused on this specific project, as the core group is composed of military vets. Let’s connect and see if there is room for collaboration; please drop me an email.

Sure thing, what’s your email? Send me a message

But still if you need a level design artist or and 2D or 3D artists, I have some people

Fantastic. Let’s talk then. I’m sure we can help one another.

Do you want to jump on a call today or tomorrow?
Where are you based? I’m in London, UK.

My email is

I’m at work until about 3 California time but we can work something out

What is your email?
I’ll send you my phone number so you can text me once you’re back from work; it will be late at night in London.

My email is isaiahotis33@gmail.com

Email sent.

Bump. Roles still available.

sorry, but you won’t find anyone with experience working for this dream of yours.
here are the reasons why:

“military veterans” is basically a negative basis to lead a gamedev team. As you have no qualification or experience in gamedev, just too much time on your hands, like other groups that post with a similar basis, e.g. senior people, jobless people, people in jail, drug-users, kids who want to make a better insert game name here without knowing or having the required ressources to make even a cheap copy, and so on, and so forth.
Please don’t take this personal or as offence, these are just examples of other groups with too much time, but no qualification or experience. I hope you dont feel offended to be put in the list, but regarding gamedev, it is the case. motivation alone does not qualify, sorry.
Also if you claim to be “highly successful talents”, then you have to back this up with games you made or any game-dev success, otherwise your military campains do not count here at all as “successful”, or “talented”. If you are successfull in the military and have a talent for something required there, this does not apply at all to gamedev.

Then regarding your compensation idea:

  • your phrasing of “Whoever will join the team at this stage will be considered a founding partner of the studio and will qualify for royalties and shares once the startup is founded.”
    means nothing as payment, as “will be considered” is non binding.
  • “partner of the studio” means nothing as a studio can be a group of jobless vets idling, not even a company or contract one could enforce even rev-share.
  • “once the startup is founded” is another no-go, as the startup may never be founded or established as a company for serious gamedev in the first place.

So what I reccomend to you, is that you either look for other jobs, or go thru the learning-curve for gamedev first, which means:

  1. actually learning skills in some fileds, e.g. animation, 3d modeling, blueprinting, … (think of e.g. sniper, medic… in your old job)
  2. then learn to work in a team and the cooperation and workflows there (think of a military unit and the cooperation there, as well as the connection to others)
  3. then produce some portfolio, show what you can actually do (think of ranks, medals, or whatever crap they stick on you in the military)
  4. get experience in leading game-dev teams sucessfully (think of experienced soldiers leading teams, not amateurs)

then you are qualified to look for a team to lead, but not before.
same as in the military here in gamedev. no one with experience will follow an amateur, thats waste of time.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, @Vollgaser.
You made many great valid points, and I appreciate the time you dedicated to this response.

Apparently, the skill I lack the most is the ability to create good intriguing posts and recruit people.

I’m not new to design and development, and I’m not one of the 2 vets that will provide consultancy for this project. I’m a veteran too, but I retired a long time ago and developed a product and game design career.

I worked for Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony, and within the gaming industry, I have shipped 2 AAA games as a lead designer.

I cannot openly advertise myself because I want to keep this initiative under the radar of my current company, as I have a crucial position within the company.

Any recommendations beyond the ones you already provided are genuinely welcome.

Ah, ok, then this was a misunderstanding, you are not one of the military veterans, but the “Award-Winning Game Designer.”
Here some more hints to improve your recruiting efforts:

Please understand that even in this case anyone can post and claim here anything, but its worth nothing without proof as backup.
The gamedev forums are full of “studios” and “teams”, as there is no quality control here, posting is free, and any kid with a mobile phone can claim anything without being checked.

The other issue is your dubious payment/compensation scheme, where all my points are valid still. If you are so successful, one wonders why you cant offer payment?
You can even keep all this secret from your current company with NDAs.

Another important criteria for people consider even applying is “how realistic doable” is the project? …to put any time it it. “Tactical FPS shooter based on real special ops units” screams to me medium to large size team of professional gamedevs in many fields, working fulltime, for many months or even years. I am not asking for a GDD or workload list of you, but what is your plan to work that off, as right now you are working at a company (i assume fulltime) in “a crucial position”, the vets may consult, but not contribute to work it off. And there are not more people, so who is doing the workload? Fishing for dubious hobby guys working at most parttime, with questionable results, wont cut it by far.

If you really have shipped 2 AAA titles as lead designer, then you should be aware of the huge workload that is required to make such titles, and you have to explain how you plan to archive that not by spending miliions of USD, but instead with some guys who work for free/royalty? I mean all AAA studios must be stupid NOT to take your road then, eh?

Just some constructive points to improve the ad.

@Vollgaser, you offered an interesting perspective to reflect on; I’ll regroup with the two other persons to discuss it.


I emailed you back. Have you received it. You have 2 3D Artists for when you need us, since this guy apparently thinks that there is no real community within unreal.

Yes, thanks. I have received it, @OGxSTuDioS.
I’m putting together the information you requested; I want to give you as much information as possible at this stage. I will return to you during the weekend.

Okay thank you