[UNPAID] Sergi Ledesma - Blueprint, C++

I’m a 22 year old student from Barcelona who has just finished Computer Engineering. My end-of-degree project was a UE4 videogame, and I’ve also worked in a couple of personal projects. I’m interested in learning and working in a team.

Currently occupied.

Blueprint scripting and some Blender modeling and C++ programming.

Previous experience
Blueprint Visual Scripting for 8 months with the following results.

Additional Information:

  • Even though I’ve not worked in C++ for UE4 I can learn pretty fast.
  • Have some experience in Blender 3D modeling.
  • I can spend tons of hours on any project until October, so hurry up! We can make something big and fast.

Skype: lede777

Comments welcome!

Work you have a skype for faster communication?

Yes, added in the contact section.

Hi Sergi , let me know if you are still occupied I am in need of a programmer :slight_smile: