[UNPAID] Seek Game Ideas to use Mix Matched 3D Assets Art Style & Theme

Hi UE Community. I have a problem. I’ve acquired a gazillion 3D Game Assets from the Unreal Marketplace over the years. These Art assets vary in Art Style {Photorealism, Stylized, Low Poly, Cartoonish} & Theme {Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, Post-Apocolyptic, Horror, etc}. I would rather put these assets to work together in a Game, instead of letting them and my money (~8k) go to waste.

The current idea is a RPG Sandbox in which Characters are ‘Game Assets in a Online Toy Store’. Players create everything… their own classes, stats, skills, items, quests, environments for others to play with. I’ll drop in a few shooter game mechanics/game mode packs (which is all I acquired to dev a FPS). Slap a Toon Shader over all of it in an attempt to bring some visual cohesion, maybe not.

However, I’m open to any and all ideas, genres, etc. Unfortunately I cannot reimburse you for your ideas as the budget has been spent on all these unused assets :wink: Thanks for stopping by to read.

Hey TechLord,

I’m in the same position as you. Many acquired assets over the last 5 years in the hope of creating an, Online Unreal Engine Playground, for users.

Please ping me an email to discuss further, smudgy67[at]msn[dot]com