[UNPAID/ROYALTY] Looking For Environmental/Character Concept Artist for Sci Fi FPS

Project Title:

In the future where the government is run by businesses and corporations, the world can be a cold and scary place. Crime is high and the government is only out to make money. The only way to get any form of justice to set a bounty for a criminal. This is where Bounty Corp comes in. They are one of big three bounty companies that offer quick and satisfying results to bounties that have been cast. You are a bounty hunter working for Bounty Corp. You can choose to be one of four characters: Lance, Kenn, Blaze or Brute. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and each have their own motives for joining Bounty Corp. As a Bounty Corp Employee and a bounty hunter in general, you can be seen as a threat every easily and are never totally safe.

Parkour System
On-The-Fly Weapon Building
Co-op Gameplay

Team Name:
Insider Gaming

Team Structure:
<Project Manager><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist>

We are looking for someone who can provide fully sketched concepts in a timely manner. For characters, this would mean full body concepts with different designs so that the team can make a decision on what would be best. For environments, this would mean overall environment concepts and as well as some different angles so that the other artists can get a better understanding of the environment.


Skype: Kenn090

Check out some of the models that we have so far.

Red by Kenn090 on Sketchfab

Gravior by Kenn090 on Sketchfab

Kenn Idle Select by Kenn090 on Sketchfab

Blaze Idle Select by Kenn090 on Sketchfab

Screamer by Kenn090 on Sketchfab