[UNPAID/ROYALTY] LF Lead Programmer

Project Title:

TP-RPG (very) dark fantasy.
Story driven.
Realistic viking era scenarios.


  • Very dark atmosphere
  • Unique and complex combat system
  • Third person isometric camera
  • Skill based mechanics
  • Loot based core

Team Structure:

Project Management, World & Game Design - 5 month.

Screenwriter - 4 months

Level Designer - 4 months

Programmer - 1 month

Talent Required:

Lead Programmer

  • Strong understanding of Unreal Blueprints [or C++].

  • Ability to collaborate with and coordinate teammates.

  • Ability to work well in a changing environment as creative challenges evolve.

  • Motivated person that never stop willing to learn and being determined.

  • Good Git or similar understanding as bonus.

  • Good UE5 knowledge as bonus.

  • Expected to write the main codes [combat system, loot system, AI, etc…).

  • Expected to coordinates other programmers that will help him doing part of these codes.

  • Expected to suggest features with the project management as bonus.

For any details about royalty and the project:
Discord: RealApo#9010

can you screenshot the game you have so far>?

It is not released yet. I am glad you do not want at least 5 years of experience

Do you have somebody for animation and character artist?
Also this directly connects with my previous “quote”,
animation system is not yet finished, and it has whole new way of doing combat systems.
I doubt you find anybody experienced in it.

And: are you doing this in UE5 or UE4, I assume UE5.

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If you want to see any project detail, add me on Discord and I’ll show you something but don’t expect a lot. We have focused with the animation system with the previous lead programmer. The world is still “on paper”, probably since the release of UE5.

Of course. However, early access is a good way to understand differences between UE4 and UE5 versions. I used it to understand some world differences like images compression, tessellation, lods etc… knowledge about differences between versions will help us… so, it’s a bonus to have any UE5 experience :slight_smile:

At the moment, we don’t need it. We have got all the assets we need for now.

We are starting in UE4, aiming for the UE5 when they will release a “definitive” version. Since there will be no UE5 “stable” version, we are using UE4.

To clarify about animations (yes i am snarky and grumpy, sometimes).

When you are coding animation system (and you want one for fun challenging and awesome combat system).

You need a lot of “transition” animations, ones that artists would not think of.
It is kind of crucial, because lack of them is show stopper while coding combat system.

So you kind of need somebody that can animate for animation coder to do his/her thing.

Some example, 2 sets of animations, both have slightly different way of walking. When you transition you can fix one leg, but other will just slide. No way to solve this without somebody altering animations.

Yes, I know. We have hundreds of animations and transitions that should be enough for our aim.
We have just done movement and a little part of the combat system and it worked well with what we’ve got.
Of course, if we’ll need other animations or transitions we’ll hire someone else.
Anyway, if you are interested or you need any other info please, contact me via Discord.