[UNPAID/ROYALTY] LF Lead Level Designer, Programmer, Sound Expert, 3D Animator


Project Title:

This game will be a story driven dark fantasy TP-RPG that takes place in the viking age.
The game graphics will be inspired by real landscapes (cold, isolated and low light environments typical of viking society), turning them as realistic as possible.
With this as base, we want to inflict the emotive conflict of finding loots and having fear of going outside in the dark.
To achieve the expected result, in addition to the context, both player’s skills and decisions will be fundamental to survive.
Believe me… you don’t want to experience death.

We are looking for professional developers as well as students and enthusiasts of different experience levels that can join us and work on the project.

Team Structure:

Marco - Project Management & Game Design
Patrick - Lead Programmer
Marcin - Lead Level Designer
Nicola - Screenwriter
Derrik - Level Designer
Diogo - Programmer
Hélder - Programmer
Sara - 2D artist
Mateus - 3D artist
Leonardo - 3D artist

  • Sound expert
    Daniele - Sound expert

Talent Required:

Programmer (Blueprint/C++)

  • Good understanding of Unreal Blueprints [or C++].
  • Motivated and determinated person that is willing to keep improving his knowledge.
  • Expected to help the lead programmer write the main codes (combat system, loot system, AI, etc…)

Sound engineer — ROLE FILLED —

  • Experience in creating sound assets specifically for video games including foley, creatures and ambiance.
  • The ability to realistically integrate sounds into the game.

Level Designer

  • Experience in designing levels in 3D space.
  • Experience with visual world building in Unreal Engine.
  • A good sense of composition, design, storytelling, and aesthetics.
  • Expected to create the game’s world.

Animator (Any type)

  • Ability to animate and rig, vehicles, NPCs and/or tools/weapons.

Keep in mind you’ll be working with a team so you should be confortable collaborating with other people.

For any details about royalty and the project:
E-mail: marco.bovo3@gmail.com
Discord: RealApo#9010



Just two small questions about size:

  • will this have multiplayer
  • is it open world or more like Hellblade:Senuas ie. focused on story and smaller in scope.

For now, no.

It’s more story like focused and smaller in scope than open world but it will not be exactly a “linear path”.

If you need other info please, contact me via e-mail or Discord.


Programmers role filled. Up!



I would like to apply for the position of Level Designer for Project Nemo. I am currently working as QA Tester in a AAA Studio. Have no formal experience with Level Designing but i do have a good understanding with UE4 and workflow.




I think it is fine to bump topics in this forum, as long as you do it weekly and not daily. :wink:
Not sure if there are “official guidelines” for this.

We’re hiring people as you can see in the updated “team structure” but we still need more. It’s not an easy task to find the right people for a project. They contact me in private, not here as I asked in the first post.
As you can see I don’t bump “up” every day but just once in a week/10 days.
If something in this post is against the forum’s rules, probably a moderator will contact me or close the thread.
If you are not interested, please, stop hating our thread.
Have a good day.

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Any videos of current progress?

Hi TechLord! Not yet.
For any info please, contact me in private.

Hello, please can you provide any updates on the progress of development or is there any public footage available as of yet. I’m interested in the level designer role. I’ve provided a link to my portfolio below. I’m looking to be part of a project that I can take part in on a part time occasional basis.

Please contact me via Discord if this sounds good - Bobsy95#5287