[UNPAID/ROYALTY] Helicopter Arena - Fast project (dev + 3d artist + environment) - learning

Project Title:
Helicopter Arena (not the game name, just the project name)

Each player controls a toy helicopter inside one interactive map (arena) with power ups, on each match.
We won’t limit creativity to reality, so helicopters will use unknown alien technology (as we desire) and the arenas may be anything, from a indoor living room to a super mario lava castle.

Things are not undefined, I will explain everything better later if you join me, but here’s a sample of what I’ve build so far
**It took me 1 week to make the helicopter, texture, animate and the controls. It looks at the mouse (or follows the stick axis if you’re using a controller).
*That’s not a real map, just a floor with unreal engine sample content texture, and the game will feel less real and more “toy like, funny”.
*** I’ll update this post with pictures very soon, I’m in a computer without the project right now.


Fun atmosfere.
2,5D top view, multi-plans, helicopter arena.
Multi-player only.
Free for all, capture the flag, team free for all, team match and some other modes.

Team Name:
You and me are starting this together, we will name it later when the time comes.

Team Structure:

Bruno Colli (Project Creator)
Project Managment, Game Design, C++/blueprint developer, 3d Artist.

“I’m graduated in computer’s science, 32 years old, and I’m actually a system architect in the OSS/BSS market (telecom) - that’s how I pay my bills.
I’ve worked with C++ in the past for at least 3 years, also in the telecom market.
I’m new to Unreal engine but I found the blueprint way to code pretty easy, and I’ve played with others engines before (my path was Ogre3D -> Unity3D -> Unreal Engine4).
I can model, retopo, unwrap, texture and animate anything using blender.”

Talent Required:

2D and 3D generic artist (1)
*Expected to create additional props, trees, hard surfaces to use in arenas;
Expected to create new helicopters and helicopter parts;
Expected to put things together in an map, caring about the lights, shadows and feel;
Expected to create 2D GUIs;
Expected to follow a predefined concept art;

  • It’s a simple short game and I’ll be building things with you, that’s why I’m not asking for separate environment artist and 3d artist.
  • You don’t need to be pro and fast, but you need to know how to do things. I’ll require good quality (from you and from me also).
  • You can use your prefered modeling tool (maya, blender, 3ds, zbrush)

Blueprint Developer (1)

  • Expected to build game mechanics, rules, powerups, networking, menus, chat, AI.
  • It’s a simple short game and I’ll be building things with you, so we don’t need a huge team by now. *


1-This is a short project and a pro team would do it in about 1 month, I’m guessing (with good quality), but I’m not asking for pro here since I’m no pro (yet if you’re pro and want to join us, feel free to contact me).
2-I’m still learning the Unreal way to do things and if you’re learning too don’t be afraid to contact me. I already know how to do most of what needs to be done, and the things I don’t know yet I know where to look for. We will help each other.
3-I will be working in both roles also, the blueprints/C++ coding and the 2d, 3d assets and environment creation, we will help each other. I’m asking for just 2 people to help me because it’s really a short project. If it gets huge we can open for more cooperative talents.
**4-Good quality in the assets will be required! I know we’re noobs yet, but we must build everything with good quality always.
I don’t even start to play ugly games, nor keep playing buggy games or games with poor playability, nor keep playing games that are not fun! It’s suposed to be a simple and fun, yet beautiful and competitive game. **
4b- I’ll criticize your work and you will do the same to mine. Some artists (me included) may get sad because it’s always hard to listen that something you made is not (yet) good enough, but I swear I’m friendly. So please, never take anything to the personal side. I’ll do the same and we will build true art!
5-Although it’s a short project, it may be profitable (it may not be profitable also, so don’t expect much!). Join us expecting to learn, not to get rich. To get things well done, to achieve a beautiful result. After this one, you’ll have (at least) a good thing to show in your portifolio.

None yet

Skype: brunocolli