[UNPAID/ROYALTY] CarMiki Project is LF an UE4 / Blueprint / C++ Developer Programmer with Network PAN / LAN / WAN Skills


Project Title:

CarMiki Game Project is a Multiplayer Car Racing Game based on a very original game with a unique style which was very successful in Japan and which is very little known in the rest of the world.

The concept is also largely inspired by the famous Super Mario Kart series which in all versions break sales records so we can bet on a double guarantee of success based on sure values ​​for this project with a reasonable ambition of a short duration development of 9 months.

So we are talking here about an improved remake version of a game that has existed and whose original version has already proven itself combined with best sellers games inspirations.
CarMiki Project targets a large audience from kids to the oldest with cute and customizable cars known as SD Cars in Japan.
These cars customization and other updates or even DLC can be included to improve the game itself and satisfy the customers and helps to expand the game sales which will be supported by a substantial budget for marketing and an advanced SEO strategy like Syndication and SNS.

The reasons why we are so confident are due to the fact that we know the original game very well that we love and that it is really very fun to play with flawless gameplay and we intend to put significant means to make know our game to the greatest number.

We are targeting this segment because the competition is less fierce than for the FPS style by example. In addition, we have seen that newcomers are thriving in this market and we are ready to do the same.

About this market segment, we intend to achieve the best possible sales on PC / Game consoles / Mobile platforms Thanks to the solid foundation of the concept of the successful game that has already existed + Our atypical improvement + 2 Features that are unique in the world and that will make a huge difference !

Here are some figures to better understand the potential of the project in this segment of the market.

Unit sales of Mario Kart video games worldwide as of December 2019

Top selling Nintendo Wii U game titles worldwide as of September 2021 (Mario Kart 8 which dethrones the famous Super Mario World and Smash Bros)

Top selling Nintendo Switch game titles worldwide as of December 2021

Most popular mobile racing games worldwide from April 2020 to March 2021, by revenue

Leading Nintendo gaming apps worldwide from April 2020 to March 2021, by player spending (Compare with other segments)

And success is still relevant today

Here some Artwork:
Art done by Jeremy Vergne


Here some inspiration to give you a better idea of the game artistic direction

Talent Required:

Developer/Programmer (Blueprint/C++)

  • Good understanding of Unreal Blueprints and C++ for Networks performance improvement and Steam/Others implementation.

  • Good at optimizations

  • Available and efficient.

  • Serious, motivated and reliable.

  • Reactive to messages and present at meetings once a week.

  • Development experiences on PC / Game consoles / Mobile platforms are a big plus.

Team Name:

The ShinKaneda Team

Website: https://shinkanedateam.com

YouTube: Star Wars Teaser, a Cinematic Fan Art Demo Reel done with the UE4 3D Game Engine. More to come ! - YouTube

After contacting us, we can discuss it further on Discord.
Curious or mythomaniacs please abstain.


The UE4 CPP Blueprint Developer position is still open before the release on november 2022.

Contact - Shin Kaneda Team

The UE4 CPP Blueprint Developer position is still open before the release on november 2022.

Contact - Shin Kaneda Team

The UE4 CPP Blueprint Developer position is open !
Now It’s too late to reach the deadline for the release on november 2022,
so there is plenty of time to develop the project until it’s mature.

A solid base of the Project is already done with C++/UE4.27 that will need to be improved and finalized.

Contact - Shin Kaneda Team