[unpaid/royalty] Building Tools and Forming Team

Looking for prospective team members and accepting volunteers and tutors. At this time all positions will be temporary and part time and unpaid.

My current goal is to build a few tools, with the intention of producing a demo of my game ideas to solicit funding. I have three phases of funding planned.

The company/team is currently unfunded and unformed. It will consist of 4 or 5 members (including myself) who will receive equal compensation and a percentage of the organization. *

My area of expertise is not in programming but in business, business law, and management, my passion is game design.

The aspect of my game I wish to highlight in the demo I was surprised to not find other games with a similar feature, so there may be opportunity to focus on a smaller project than the one I intend.

The details of the project I do not wish to release as I feel some of my ideas are unique. The eventual game would be described as a multiplayer rpg with a focus on player generated content.

*It is my intention to ensure the team is paid and paid well, including myself. The contract I have designed for the core team should address this. I have had offers in the past that included ideas of 50/50, profit taking, bay area salaries, etc. These ideas are not conducive with a healthy organization and I am not interested in them.