[UNPAID/ROYALTY] 3D Hard Surface, Blueprint Programmer

Hey guys!

My name is Chris and I’m an IT professional(network and system admin) living in North Carolina, US.

I have a webcam and religiously use Google based services to keep my game projects organized and accessible, Skype and Hangouts for meetings, and even have a Ventrilo server for use if necessary.

I have no delusions of grandeur and I know I have a long ways to go. But having said that I love learning this engine and really want to push myself to the next level because ultimately I want to end up in the gaming industry, say at a certain company in Cary, NC :smiley:

I’m interested in joining an already established group that may need a pretty well-rounded intermediate level hobbyist.

A quick overview of my skills:

  • Can produce audio and music, for this I use Ableton, samples, and synths of course.
  • Can effectively program game logic, character functionality, level functionality with blueprints.

Quick video for my boss to try and convince him to work with me on UE4 development!

  • Can 3D model hard surface objects like weapons and other props, for this I use Blender.
    OHeHX5z.png I am admittedly not very good at texturing yet! Just starting on that path.

I would prefer to stick to Blueprint and 3D modeling as my main functions within a team but I’d love to help in anyway I can for you.

As it currently stands I’m not a proficient C++ coder yet, though I am digging through the code these days to get to that point. I have a very strong understanding of fundamental programming logic and general strategies to get things done. Though from what I’ve been told and seen, UE4 engine code is a different beast altogether.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Chris aka Bokuden

What is your skype?

Hey jackal,

It’s bokuden704

Working on a couple of projects but looking for more people who would like some models done!

Would love to speak to you!


I am interested in having you model some weapons (swords and random items) by either the end of the month or beginning of next month. Please shoot me an email so we can talk!

Hello Chris!

We are just looking for some great guy, who could set up a character and add some scripting around that. Please check the position opening called “Character setup and scripting” in our thread

In case you were interested, feel free to PM or mail me with your questions. Thanks for checking and have a nice day!

Email and PM sent.

Currently working on a few projects right now and can’t take on anymore!

Thanks so much for your opportunities! I will be updating this thread as projects are completed!

Updating with some environment art I did for the last gamejam.

Pmed you, if you are interested and available