[UNPAID/REVSHARE/POST-CROWDFUNDING PAYMENT] Game Designers, UI Artists, and Programmers needed for cat-based MMORPG

Felineage is currently looking for Game Designers, UI Artists, and Programmers to aid in development of a tech demo of the game.

About The Game
Felineage is a game in which the player takes on the role of a cat, in a massive, expansive open world in an online environment with other players. A large aspect of the game is to live your life to the fullest- from the beginning to the end, until eventually, you die, and your soul is reincarnated as a new character. The game features a full life cycle for players- from being born as newborn kittens, to growing up into strong adults, and eventually becoming elders, until eventually, they die, to be born again in a new body. You do not play just one, individual character- you play a soul, that is reborn again and again, living multiple lifetimes.

More information can be given upon request!

We are in need of developers who can develop basic gameplay and features for the tech demo of the game to be presented on Kickstarter. We are in need of:

  • A Main Menu, from startup to login to character select and character creation

  • Gameplay elements, i.e. ability to move the player character around in the world and interact with the environment, including things like sitting, laying down, emotes/calls such as meowing or hissing, jumping with an aimed pounce system, basic IK for going up/down slopes, and a stamina system

  • Semi-functional to non-functional UI elements mainly just for showcase, including group system for creating and customizing groups with customizable ranks, group bios and descriptions, a non-functional proof of concept family tree UI, a basic character stats panel showing age, soul age(i.e. number of reincarnations), character stats such as strength, speed, agility, endurance, and any skill bonuses(for ex, faster swimming speed due to regular swimming practice)

  • Growth system from kitten to adult to elder(old age death not needed for demo)

Felineage is not funded yet, and as such any and all payment, currently, comes directly out of the lead developer’s pockets, which means we are very limited in how much we can pay for work done and how many people we can hire for paid positions. We appreciate any and all volunteer work we can get, as this is more or less a passion project. We ARE willing to pay when we are able, or even work out a payment deal post-Crowdfunding or even rev-share, but after paying a Level Artist we will not be able to pay anyone else at this moment.

If interested, please contact us via our email at felineagegame@gmail.com, or contact the lead dev on Discord: Tosca#8203.

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