[UNPAID/Rev Share] Looking for Animator

Project Title:

Exoframe is an open-world adventure game with a flair of survival and sandbox gameplay. Play as an android that has gained consciousness. Explore an abandoned colony planet while crafting useful equipment and building structures and vehicles. Uncover the mystery and face the catastrophe that made the humans abandon the planet a long time ago.


  • Explore the vast world while unlocking technology to build machines and factories to exploit the abundant resources scattered across, under and over the planet.
  • Build different types of vehicles for land, water, underwater, air and space.
  • Defend your base from mysterious creatures and after advancing your technology, build and pilot a mecha to gain dominance over the entire planet.

Team Structure :
< Producer> <C++ Programmer> < Blueprint Scripting> <3D Animator> <3D Artist> < Concept Artist>< Sound Designer>

Talent Required:
<3D Animator>

Project Status
I’ve already got 5 members so far who are all from different parts of the world. C++ programmer, level designer, concept artist, sound designer, and writer. We are still in need of an animator.

I have already fleshed out the story for the game and the core gameplay mechanics. We have a few concept arts on the way and also some background music for the first 3 minutes of gameplay. The plan is to create a 1-hour vertical slice to show it to potential sponsors and investors from crowdsourcing and other viable sources.

Even with the art style in low poly, I know this will be a long-term project so we will be doing standalone prototype projects for the beginning months which we will also launch commercially. The intention is to gather enough experience, addition to the portfolio and if lucky, to get some compensation. After a few standalone projects, we will now proceed with making the big project. We will do this in a very practical way by limiting the scope of the project and maximizing the player experience in terms of game mechanics and sound. We will avoid any unnecessary features and even drop planned ones if it does not meet the desired expectations. I am practical and goal-oriented, so it would also be cool if your goal in joining is grounded and realistic also. Profit sharing and other project-related topics will be discussed in detail once you join. We are still on the process of setting up the legal side of the team.

AC Kodigero#0237