[UNPAID] Programmer looking to join a talented team


I’m a 27 year old programmer with roughly 14 years (yes, despite the age) professional experience working as a freelancer in webdevelopment. I have primarily worked with modern OO PHP and JavaScript, both in the front and back-end, written in Python, Ruby and Go, styled with SASS and LESS, … and so on. I have worked with many languages and a hefty assortment of software, often developing internal tools and frameworks to make work go smoother for everyone involved.

I took a year long break due to personal and health issues. Being a gamer at heart, I decided to get back into the loop slowly by applying my skills and experience to work in Unreal Engine 4, which I have taken on daily rendezvous for the past few months, mostly ripping apart core engine systems like movement, including the way net communication is handled. At this point I feel confident enough in my skills with UE4 and C++ to start working on an actual project, with an actual team.

While primarily a programmer, I started out with webdesign, UI design, dabbled in motion graphics, 3D modelling, photography and illustration and treat music as a hobby (which includes knowledge of audio software and hardware, basic piano playing and composition skills). I own a Cintiq 24HD and can take care of basic texturing work without having to bother the designers, if need be. Plus, I do love playing around with lighting (in-and-outdoor), weather systems and post-processing to create highly atmospheric scenes. This also includes some experience with writing HLSL shaders, but in general my 3D design skills are slim to none in comparison to my programming skills.

I’m confident working with Git and several project management / issue tracking / collaboration tools. I’m a Polish native, also currently living in Poland meaning we’re most likely talking about remote/online work, but fluently speak both English and German so either language dominating the comms would be fine for me. I also understand basic (written) French and Russian and (spoken) Japanese, but haven’t ever put those to a stress test :slight_smile:

Looking for:

I am looking for a talented team which is primarily passionate instead of being money oriented, developing a game with love, attention to detail and quality in mind. One they themselves would love to play. My skills would be best applied in a game that actually uses complex gameplay systems which persist and shape the world during gameplay, instead of a trigger->release script-kind-of approach. Think - non-linear gameplay, choice and consequence. Working on networked systems would be my most natural habitat due to my experience therein, both client and server-side, including external systems used by the game but not contained in the gamecode (think RESTful APIs, website<->game gateways etc.).

This being an offer to work for free, I’d like to clearly state that I still treat this very seriously - if and when I like what I’m doing, I tend to be able to work on it all day long. Literally. I merely want to avoid the innate pressure of it being “a job” until I fully recuperate. I expect the rest of the team to also have that certain spark which one has when “Let’s open a bar!” sounds like an awesome idea, regardless of how realistically feasible it is :slight_smile:

The game you’re working on can be in any state - even just a draft - as long as the premise is good and there’s enough passion and talent in the team to see it through. I’m open.


Feel free to contact me either on here or via

Check out our project, we are looking for programmers :slight_smile:

I was about to ask if you were interested as well. DarkRider beat me too it haha. Anyways there game looks solid so I would for sure join them and good luck with your coding man.

PM sent, looking forward for reply.

Hi Alkor Isharioth,

I have sent you an email. It would be great to hear from you! :slight_smile: