[Unpaid Possible Royalty later on] WE NEED YOU!

Hello I am a game developer looking to put together a team to help us with a brand new game I’ll say it in as little words as possible so as to not reveal too much It’s basically a giant ocean and you have to try to defeat the creatures that are trying to destroy the entire ocean (Sorry if all this sounds bad I have to do this in as little words possible)

Planned Features

  • Boat mechanics
  • Endless Ocean
  • 3D Creatures
  • Swimming mechanics
  • Breath-taking environment

Team Structure**: (Will change this as new people are brought in)

Project Manager- Z/Zunaka

Lead-Dev - ?

Developer - ?

Developer- ?


Designer - ?

Designer -?

Blueprint Scripting - ?

Blueprints Scripting - ?

Level Designer- ?

Concept Artist - ?

3D Character Artist- ?

3D Modeling - ?

Sound Engineer- ?

If there’s anything else you think should be put in then feel free to tell me**

Talent Required:
<Project Manager><C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>

  • All this has been put in the team structure

<Friendly Name>

Discord: Zunaka#6995

If you’re interested in one of the positions feel free to contact me!

im interested in some of the jobs available, im one hell of a sound engineer, from in game music to sfx, even full songs if needed. i also play several instruments should you desire the most authentic sound possible. im also interested in the 3d design department, i can make tons of really cool static meshes at high quality and can also do skeletal meshes rigged up and ready to go, though you may need an animator. im still learning how to animate. im honestly looking for the experience, not worried about money and im almost always available. please contact me if you think i could be useful to your project in anyway.

Steven L