Unpaid / Paid Programmer, Blueprints/C++

I suppose I will start with a brief description of myself. I am a recent college graduate, majoring in Computer Science, looking for my first job still. Most of what I have taken in college is something that I would be able to use towards game design, as it is my passion. I have taken many languages while in college, but my most proficient languages are Java and C++. I have not ventured into the C++ side of UE because I wanted to see how far I could get with just using blueprints. I feel fairly confident that I could learn the C++ if I had to. As most of my time in the engine has been spent doing Blueprints, I am experienced with it but by no means an expert. I am still learning new things every time I code.

Most of what I have done in the engine is stuff for an RPG or an FPS. I have done inventory systems, shooting/aiming in first person, UI stuff with widgets, and various other things. As I am a programmer with limited modeling experience, I am limited in what I can produce due to the lack of assets. I am posting here in hopes I can either join a team that has modelers for content creation or to attract people to volunteer their assets for the FPS I have been working on. If you are interested in working with me I cannot offer you any money, as I have none. I would like to use the game to eventually start a company however. If you are interested in me joining a team, I can volunteer my time at no cost for learning experience or I can take it more seriously and help your team create a full game if I am offered money, or a job. I don’t have a portfolio per se, but I have a few projects in UE with some code of the functionality I listed above. I don’t like posting my code for public use, so I can show you privately if you are interested.

We are currently looking a fill an opening for a C++/ Blueprint programmer. Please fill out an application on our site, (http://www.pandagonstudios.net/apply) and we will be in contact with you.

Well, I am working on something, something huge, but it may not interest you as it’s going to be free and I don’t have any money to sync into it (I’m 13 years old.)

Basically, it’s an open-world Saints Row 4-like game. Let me know if you’re interested. I could use an extra programmer to help me out while I learn more of the engine.

We’re currently looking for one more programmer on our AI.

Do you still look for projects? We need a C++ dude on our team. We have planned release in December 2015 :slight_smile:
Contact me on dynamicrealities@gmail.com

I appreciate everyone’s offers, but I have joined a team and am no longer available for work. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.