[UNPAID/PAID] [PARTNERSHIP] Looking for Game developer for FPS →

Hi UE Forum. Im looking for a game developer with enough experience to make a Multiplayer FPS game.

I got the whole idea in my head but unable to make the finish product myself.

About me:
Im a an Entrepreneur from Denmark with 6 years of experiance in Digital marketing, which means branding won’t be an issue.
I have 15 years of experiance in FPS games, and played semi/pro CSGO, “semi/pro” because i didn’t earn enough to live of it.

What i can bring to the partnership is the idea of the game, and the feeling of how a good game should feel, everything from recoil system to the very basic of how a good FPS game should feel from beginner to a professional level.

What i will do:
Im also a web developer/UX designer which means i will be doing the UX design for the game also.

  • HUD
  • Level Design
  • Website for launch
  • Funding for server / branding etc.
  • Testing the game to get the right FPS feeling.

Team Structure**:**
**Me **
Project Management, - 2 years.
Digital marketing expert - 6 years, with 2 years of Head of marketing experience.
Webdeveloper / UX designer - 6 years of experience.
FPS beast - 15 years of experience.

**Job description **

You right here
Able to make a multiplayer FPS game.
Make everything work on server.
The game will be release on Steam - Funding not a problem.
Implementing proper models for players. Both player models and Weapons.

Previous Work:
Send mail for previous entrepreneur work.

For more information about the game structure and which game you will be making, send me an email since i wont share the idea on a public forum.
Also more information about the partnership / split % about the new game.

E-mail: Mikaels1337@gmail.com

Can you explain what you mean by Unpaid/Paid. Is this a paid job or royalties?

Yes sure.

It means if i won’t find a partner, i will be needing a guy/girl for the job (Paid) but that wont give that person the outcome of the game, which the partner would get.