[UNPAID] Our stress free hobby team are looking for a multiplayer programmer for a very simple and a unique combat game

Our team is currently two people, a level designer and me. I’m a blueprinter and work with character setup, team leadership and whatever else needs to get done.

The game consists of two teams and takes place in a rough arena environment. You start out with nothing but hand to hand combat skills, and will have to locate objects in the environment that can be picked up and weaponised. This does not have to be conventional weapons, but rather things that are lying around and would make a good weapon. Be it a wooden stick, a chair or even a street sign, as long as it can be used, it can be used. The combat itself will be brutal.

The two top players from each team, after the round has finished, will then fight it out till the death to designate the final winner of each round. → If this particular idea turns out to be a bad one, it can be removed.

The project is in absolute beginning stages, which is why it would be great to get the core of the multiplayer aspect down as soon as possible.

There is no specific deadline other than as fast as humanly possible, according to reality. This being a very simple approach, should make it realistic to get completed as a fun to play game, that plays well.

If you find this interesting and do other things than multiplayer, you are also very welcome to join us.