[UNPAID] Need low poly buildings? I'm your guy!

After a couple of attempts of making buildings for Grand Theft Auto-esque projects of friends that never go anywhere and with overstock of several buildings which currently hoard my PC, I’m passing my buildings & skillset onto YOU???

THAT’S RIGHT, for the low low price of FREE (because I have the self esteem of a filing cabinet), I can make you LOW POLY BUILDINGS in 3dsmax for your game! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! I can also:

-Texture buildings

-Make my own textures

-And many many more! (just ask)

Don’t believe me? Let some of the buildings I made for projects that never went anywhere speak for themselves at the bottom of the page!

So what’re you waiting for!? Don’t let this opportunity slip you by like dust in the wind! Contact me today for YOUR low poly buildings!