(UNPAID) Looking to build a team for game jams

This is UNPAID
At the moment we have 2d illustrators and one sound artist. I am moderator for a relatively new and growing collaborative space for artist to work on projects hosted.
This is a great opportunity for experience and to build a portfolio.

This opportunity is open to all levels, so we are looking for:
Project Manager
Creative Director
3d artists
unreal engine developers
Composer/foley artist

Thanks for reading


Hello, I am also looking into starting my own company and am in contact with 2 3D artist, 2-3 programmers and 2-3 story writers as well as at least 2 level design artists. We are currently working on a multiplayer zombie game that we think will be a hit, would you guys like to join teams and possibly work on a few more projects. We have an idea for an open world third person hand-to-hand combat/ nature style fighting game. We also have an idea for a storyline/multiplayer game that is very story based, and a horror game idea with good reviews. We also have a Foosball game that is in the prototype phase and just needs multiplayer replication and AI. I think if we complete the Foosball game or the zombie game we can sell skin packs and such to make enough funds for other games and such.

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i am all in just started but yah

I also am speaking to another small team let me send you the link so we can all see if we can get something going with a team of what seems like it could be close to 20

Sound fascinating, definitely interested. We should talk about expectations, feel free to reach out to me on discord at : gantoi#5362

awesome, thanks for responding. reach out to me on discord: gantoi#5362

Were you still interested

hell ya