(Unpaid) Looking for Volunteer Help

Hello, this is just a shot in the dark.

I have a game idea and no experience making games. If you happen to be someone who has experience but nothing to work on, please let me know and we can build my game. For now I just need one good dev that can build out the mechanics.

For those curious, it’s a real simple 1v1 arena game with a unique combat system unlike any game out there. High skill ceiling action that’s very fast paced (I can show you what I mean).

If we get the 1v1 arena working then we can keep adding to the game (xvx, battlegrounds, custom modes) and I have all sorts of ideas for it, maybe eventually becoming a full MMO centered around PvP. I know it’s a long shot, but if the dream becomes a reality and you stick around you could be the head of a dev team and rewarded handsomely.