[UNPAID] Looking for talents on an UE4 Action/RPG project for KickStarter

Hello everyone, in order to produce our first demo game, we would need talents to meet our objectives. please find under the entire game concept with the list of people we are looking for to complete the team. The final objective is to launch a KickStarter campan so that everyone gets paid for their super good job ! Thanks for your attention and reading :slight_smile:

**Project Title (**temporary):

Dawn of Taya


PC Windows

Genre :


Engine :

Unreal Engine 4

Target/PEGI :

16/18 +

We want to produce a first playable demo entire level, representative of the final game in order to be able to launch a KickStarter campain to raise funds and complete the development of the game by adding new features and if successful, launch the game on Steam.

Description of pitch:

Middle of 15th century. The Aztec’s reign reaches its apogee. In the ruthless nature behind the great walls of Tenochtitlan city, a slave girl name Taya is going to change the destiny of Aztec people. Guided by her spiritual animal, she is going to start her incredible journey searching for the 13 lunar fragments that will prevent the gods to trigger the Great Eclipse and bring the world into darkness.

Main gameplay features:

Throughout her journey, the player will be able to make Taya realize several different actions in order to survive through hostiles areas outside of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. Among them, Taya will be able to :

  • Do basic movements (Walk/Run/Jump/Crouch)
  • Attack movements (Attack/Shield/Dodge)
  • Resolve enigmas
  • Unlock the next area by completing the previous one
  • Invoke her animal spirit to help her
  • Transform into her animal spirit
  • Speak with NPCs to get information/etc
  • Buy new equipment (sword/shields/knifes/etc…) or loot it on different spots (chest/ennemies/quests/etc…)

Team Name:

Ocelots Studio

Team Structure:

- Project Manager/Producer

- Scenarist

- Illustrator/Concept Artist/Chara design

- UX Designer

**- Sound Designer

  • Level Designer (WIP)**

Talents Required 1 (Development)

2/3 Unreal developers

Experience in C++ Programming

Experience in Blueprint Scripting

Good knowledge of UE4 environment

Knowledge in network programming is a plus

Motivation, involvement but more importantly passion for creating video game

Talent Required 2 (Art/Animation)

3D Artist

Experience with Maya/Zbrush/Photoshop/Blender

Experience in rigging/retopology/skinning/modeling

Experience with UE4 toolset appreciated

Experience in animating appreciated

Motivation, involvement but more importantly passion for creating video game

Experience in animation is a big ++++


Experience in Maya/3DSMax/Motion Builder

Understand the techniques of animation (keyframe,rotoscoping, facial,etc)

Understanding of repartition for weight, posing and timing

Passion for video games and motivation

Technical Artist

Experience in lighting

Experience in shaders rendering (VFX/particles/etc…)

Comprehension of the Visual Scripting Blueprints system in UE4

Experience in scripting languages such as Python/MEL/C#/C++

Comprehension of optimization systems is a plus

Passion for video games and motivation