(UNPAID) - Looking for Programmers / Modellers / Animators / Sound (Naruto Game)

I am currently working during my spare time (being a student) as a solo developer of Project Shinobi, an open world Naruto fan game. I want to continue pursuing this game, but with a team to help me instead. I already have 3 modellers and 1 programmer who have all recently joined but not starting working yet.

I’m looking for programmers (experienced in Unreal Engine), modellers, animators/rigging and sound engineers. Please feel free to respond to this post if interested or instead contact me through Discord at Osiris#7754. Please be aware that any positions on the dev team will be unpaid (unless we acquire any sort of major funding). We’re just fans of the show, trying to see how far we’ll get with the game.

Hi @Danial.A9 your progress videos look great. But too bad all that time and energy is expended on someone else’s Intellectual Property. Overlooking the legalities of a Fangame, there are several decent Licensed Naturo games already.

Great project for a solo developer learning but maybe not so great for a team project.

Thank you, and very true. I forgot to mention that we plan for it to be Naruto inspired, making it vaguely similar, and avoiding copyrighted names/designs (unless we miraculously get a license, which is very hard to get obviously). Think more of a shinobi game, with indirect ties to Naruto.

In that case, you got my attention :slight_smile: