[Unpaid] Looking for people

Hi everyone,

I’m a 3D artist that want to make a horror game. I’m studying for a while, and already made cool stuff. You can check out what i’m capable of in the links below. The first one is a link to my portfolio.Here i like to publish only materials. The second is a link for download a .zip file with a lot of other works that i not published.

I’m looking for Programmers, Character Designers, Animators.
I have some brief ideias but i’m finding it dificult to develop. So, i need writters too.
My goal is to a make a very small but high quality game that can be done in something like 3 months. So, the game should be located in a single place, like a house, or a prison room.

Oh, you posted this in wrong subforum i guess. Moving to “looking for people”.

And while we are at it i suggest you edit first post, add some pics of models you created, (eyecandy attracts people to projects).
Also i was wondering what type of horror game you want make(horror describes style, not type of game).