[UNPAID] Looking for people/team [I'm still a college student please bear with my skills]

I’m not actually good at programming but i want to learn more so i beg of you if anyone is interested on joining please feel free to comment :slight_smile: i hope we can build a game together and learn something :slight_smile: and also im here to get experience :slight_smile: Thank you very much~ (Course - Information Technology)

  1. It’s ‘bear’, not ‘bare’.
  2. A little more information would be nice, like a degree of your honest commitment to the project (honestly if possible), what drives you to do what you do, what kind of experience do you aim to acquire, etc.
  3. What kind of game do you envision yourself doing?
  4. Do you see yourself as a single programmer building a game from ground up or as a junior directed by anyone senior?

To be honest im just a beginner and not kinda intellectual but i am dedicated to achieve a goal which is to help game devs or probably create my own game. My skills or the things that i can do is vid. editing/photo editing/programming(a bit) i like RPG games.

Then what would you consider a maximum viable task you could do on your own using UE4?

so probably you’re telling me that lack of knowledge is my problem? (Which is true) any word of advice? i’ll just delete this thread after and yeah also try to study UE4…

Don’t delete the thread, there is no need for that. 8-}

I am actually in need of people.
If you are a Hardcore Dedicated in Game Development, then you could inform me.
I got 4 yrs of experience as indie developer and could tell you more in the way of creating games with me.

Don’t delete the post, we were all beginners at some point. Grouping up with people is a really good way to grow as a developer, it is probably just better if you are not so vague when you are posting here. Suggest something you would like to work on and tell which parts you think you can handle. For me, the best way to lear is to have a project in mind and the use all the tutorials available (I liked the video tutorials a lot) to actually do it. Hope you find someone to do it together!


Added thread prefix to show your looking for unpaid work.
Changed bare to bear to make MightyKiwi happy (ok, and me) :stuck_out_tongue:

There are several other floating around the forums that are new and looking to collaborate.
Leaving this up will make it easier for them to find you.

And yes, we were all new once.


There are 3 threads (including this one) on forum already where newbies wanna coop, we need a place to meet each other guys, like skype group ot TS server or anything like that. Any ideas?

here is my site feel free to contact me at

trailer is not done yet hehe talk about a teaser :slight_smile:

Anyways, whoever wants to learn together feel free to skype me: pavlik-245.