[UNPAID] Looking for mate to work on a new project as a hobby


I am looking for a mate to work together on a new project just as a hobby.

About me:
I have been programing with unreal engine 4 since a couple years now, as a hobby and always as a solo developer.
But today, I want to go further in my projects, share what I have learned and discover new things and people.

I have good knowledge in blueprint and C++ development, experience in networking and already developed some playable prototypes.

About you :
English or French spoken
Good programming skills
New or experienced with a game engine
Motivated and passion for video games
At least a couple hours per week in the project

Feel free to contact me if you are interested to make a project together.
Discord: Goultar#4041

Hey SojuBoy0007,

I have pinged you a friend request on discord to discuss further.

All the best,


I’ve made a friend request. I’m a CGI character artist but I would love to offer my work and see them in action :smiley:

  • Gemma

Does everyone in this thread wanna make something cool. I’m an environment artist. We got a programmer, character artist, and environment artist. Good combo

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Hey Jakedubs, sounds nice, don’t hesitate to add me on discord to discuss :slight_smile:

Please PM me for details. I am interested in your project.