[Unpaid] Looking for Help Single Player RPG

Hello I’m Sean. Right now I’m developing a RPG Demo. As of right now game is a Single Player TPP Fantasy RPG. Using Low Poly Assets. As of right now we have the Kingdom, City, Farm Village, and Cave in a good spot. Another cave is in the works. On programming side we have some of the menus in. Most of the in game HUD completed, basic combat, and quest system up. I’m looking for some help on programming and level design. As of right now Level design just needs to clean up, edit, improve, repair the current locations for the demo and in the programming side I’m looking to get the AI system, Main Quest, Crafting System, Mount System, and the rest of the Menu screens up.
The project right now is unpaid but in the future opening for revenue and paid work. If anyone is interested in the project.
You can find me on discord Sean S.#3970 or email me at
Down below is some screen shots and videos. Hoping it all links haha

![image|690x428](upload://kz8 y6NdTzmcCQBgpHaXOifMNJ0m.jpeg)

Hi @trashpandagames looking good. I was scanning the forums, saw your post. Your screenshots reminded me of the had fun working with The Synty Studios Assets for…

I specialize in blueprints programming and interested in participating in Royalty/Rev-share projects that I would qualify as Unique with Multiplayer and Monetization features (as those are types of games I’m developing myself.)

I’ll keep my eye on this project just in case you decide to go multiplayer and open up a Rev-sharing opportunity. You can always find me on discord.

Keep up the great work.