[UNPAID] Looking for help on a Wildlife Animal Safari Simulation Game

ElephantGuy256 - Experienced developer in Modelling/Texturing

Skill sets:
C++ Programmer
Blueprint Scripting Programmer
Animator capable of doing quadruped, reptile, and bird animations
Modeler and sculptor who knows animal anatomy
Foliage Modeler
Environment Landscape Designer
UI and Logo Designer
Texturing and UV Mapping of models

Game Description:
My Game is called Masai Mara survival, it is a game where you play as either an animal or go on an African Safari in the plains of Africa, alongside a number of other predator and prey animals and ambient birds, insects, and reptiles!
You unlock animals by leveling up and gaining XP.
Game modes include Single Player, Sandbox Mode, and Multiplayer
Will be available exclusively on PC for steam!

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord Server: ElephantGuy Studios

Ask if you have further questions, contact me in Discord Direct Messaging, my discord name is ElephantGuy256#2128

i had an idea for an animal game… multiplayer humans vs animals. easier to go viral and much more fun.