[UNPAID] Looking for creative talent to create proof of concept for bleak scandinavian VR folk tale


Project Title: Valraven: A bleak vr nordic folk tale
Format: VR, Oculus/HTC VIVE (not decided)


“According to Danish folklore recorded in the late 1800’s, when a king or chieftain was killed in battle and not found and buried, ravens came and ate him.
The ravens became valravne. The valravne that ate the king’s heart gained human knowledge and could perform great malicious acts, could lead people astray, had superhuman powers, and were “terrible animals”

Valraven is an interactive virtual reality story where you as an observer is transported into the world of old Nordic folktales to be a part of a heartfelt and emotional story in an atmospheric world of old.

The overall idea behind Valraven is to tell a coherent story over a series of tableau scenes that unfolds before the observer and where the observer can choose which viewing angle and character to see the story from.
You might choose to see the story from the angle of the woman forced to marry a heartless troll, or from the angle of the Valraven who hungers for a human form.
It is up to the observer to chose who to follow or maybe take the more neutral view where both characters play out their role in front of you.

Valraven is an atmospheric story based on an Danish story from the 1800 but originally based on an much older story dating back to the Viking era.

The style and feel of the experience is heavily inspired by the puppet, stop motion and marionette film originating from Germany, Czech republic, Russia and Romania.


  • Felt storytelling in the bleak style of Scandinavian folk tales
  • Unique motion captured puppets.
  • A strong Art Direction and style
  • Character led story
  • A desire to be different

If you want to know more or just have a chat about the project please join me on Discord: or send an email to to join the Slack Team. Or on twitter:

Team Name:

Team Structure:

Mikael Jaeger Jensen (Project Creator)
Creative director @ Virsabi Aps (VR company, Copenhagen, Dk, Art Director, 12th Battalion Productions (Holographic Projection,)
7+ years experience in various roles within visual effects in film (Framestore, London: Gravity, Avatar and more)

Talent Required:

Looking for a small team to help create proof of concept. (1 scene) The project will heavily rely on motion capture in UE4 to realise the story, so experience with in this field with in UE4 will be greatly appreciated and needed
Unreal Engine VR Developer (1)**

  • Experience with motion capture in UE4 (blueprints)
  • Interest in creating a virtual camera system in UE4
  • Experience with blueprints and VR (Oculus Rift + Oculus Remote)

3D Artist / Rigger (1)

  • Modeling full characters (1) from reference
  • Help develop the character’s look further
  • Experience with rigging for motion capture would be a great help