[UNPAID] Looking for C++ programmer for multiplayer soccer game

Who we are

We’re the team behind IOSoccer, trying to lift our current Source based game up to new heights. Our website is which gives an idea about where we currently are with things.

The history of our project

The game was originally released back in 2003 under the name International Online Soccer as a Half-Life mod. The game was ported to the Source Engine and re-released in 2008, and has been further developed over the following decade to get to the state it is now. We released the current (Source SDK 2007) version of the game on Steam Early Access in June 2018, and have had over 100,000 downloads, with communities of players in Europe, Korea, South America as well as a smaller North American community.

What we aim to do

We’re committed to keeping the core values of our game intact. We always want to be a free to play, competitive third-person online multiplayer soccer game. We offer freedom in ball control, gameplay depth and movement that is unparalleled in the soccer/football game genre.

What we need

We’re happy to get anyone that is interested in helping involved with our project, but our current priority is to create a prototype in Unreal Engine 4 to really get things moving. With that being the initial goal, we’re looking for a programmer with C++ experience to make this a reality.

Longer term, we intend to work on a new artistic direction for the game and move to a new engine, with Unreal Engine our initial goal. With this in mind, we’d love to have artists or programmers with UE experience on board to help us set our direction and shape the future of the game.

What we can offer

While we’re unable to offer any monetary compensation, working with us does give you the opportunity to gain experience working on a unique game with an already solid player base.

How to help

If you’re interested in getting involved with this project, please contact Sean#8913 or Thing’e’#2250 on Discord, or email We look forward to working with you.