[UNPAID] Looking for a team of volunteers

Project Title:
Legend Of Legaia ReMake

Looking for a team of volunteers to remake one of my favourited games form the PS1 era named Legend Of Legaia (See youtube Let's Play Legend of Legaia Part 1: Welcome to Rim Elm - YouTube For those who have not played!)
The Idea of the remake is for it to be open world meats JRPG (Single Player Game) using jRPG Template for the unreal Marketplace

Things that need to be done:

Landscape Textures
Character and enemy modelling(realism)
Landscape Modelling (Trees rocks and planets)
Towns/Dungeons Modelling
Mist system
UI/Leveling System
Combat System
Main Menu
Save/load System
And more

If you are interest Contact me via email or Skype

Skype: sistwocc

And Thank You

you have a template Japan/rpg is alredy 10% off job done you need jast make a skill ciaracter world move a camera for make it locks laik Legend Of Legaia the problem is make all the same lack Legend Of Legaia you need to find a original game in editor version exe you can save alot off time copy a story text can be tidius and log

hare is an update of my projected
3 player charaters added (missing the hare as i dont know how to do that)
bass outfits (they should change when equiping new outfits yet to be impremented
1st town made tho the models need some more work

Iv added the JrpgTemplate form the unreal store but cont get it working
would realy like help to get it working
plz help