[Unpaid] Looking for a programmer to join our group

Hey there!

I’m a member of a team which is working on an investigative Indie Game. We’re working in 3d and we already have got some environments, material and other stuff. In the team we`re now about 10 people, including 3d modelers, an environmental artist, story writer, designers and sound technical.

We need someone able to use the blueprint system of the engine to program gameplay mechanics and puzzles.
It’s important to be motivated to learn and work in a team, we don’t have strict timelines to be respected but we need that all members work to end the project.

For now we don’t have a budget so we can’t pay anyone for him work, we would really appreciate collaboration as a member and a contributor to the project. We`re planning a kickstarter campaign so in future we may talk about a payment depending on how things will go with the project.

To anyone interested to join: thank you very much!

For information please write to:
Discord: Epsilon#4396

Here is a screen from the environments, to let you have an idea of the kind of project: