[UNPAID] Looking for a game designer and a 3D artist

My name is Raffaele Bratta and I’m a senior game programmer.
You can read more about me and what I’m looking for in this post.

To make the story short, I’m searching for/trying to create a small team to develop a simple indie game.
Since this will be an unpaid off-the-job project, “small” and “simple” are mandatory keywords.
I’m just looking for people with expertise in game development (at least on one commercial product).

Until now, I’ve just received proposals of this kind:

Since I’m tired of all these spam messages, which denote how people aren’t able to read and understand my post and/or they don’t have a minimal idea about how hard and complex is to develop a game, I decided to getting in touch with possible team members by myself.

If someone is interested and believe he could be part of the team, feel free to reply me.