[UNPAID] Looking for 3D Character Artist & Animator for simple Prototype Character Models

Project Title**:**
No Title yet

The game is an asymmetrical shooter and survival game, in which the players have to do their objectives to complete the round in an arena. Five players on one side against one player on the other side. The single player on the one side has to hunt and stop the other five players from completing their objectives.


  • Asymmetrical 1 vs. 5 gameplay
  • 1st person view for the single player side
  • 3rd person view for the five player side
  • Futuristic setting

Team Name**:**
No team name yet

Team Structure**:**
RainbowShaggy – Programmer, Initiator & Creator
Sky – Lead Programmer
Miraak – Programmer, Initiator & Creator
(a)uck me hard – Game & Character Design
Kittykatkaro – Game & Character Design
LadySetsuna – Game & Character Design

Previous Work**:**
First title

Talent Required**:**
3D Character Artist (Modelling & Animation)

  • 2 simple human 3D Character models required

  • 1 model with a bow

  • 1 model with a simple gun

  • Looking for prototype models

  • Experience with Maya, 3DS Max or Blender a bonus

  • The animation for the shooter role must be fit for simple FPS

  • Small financial compensation via Paysafecard or PayPal is possible

Please contact Miraak for more information
E-mail: miraakyt@web.de
Discord: Miraak#5247