[UNPAID] Level Designer looking for project

looking for a project im a level level designer i don’t mind paid or unpaid


If you are still looking for a project to join, or to do some work to build up a portfolio, I need a 3D level designer (currently unpaid). Please send some pictures of your work or link to a portfolio to the email below.

Hi Josh. I’d also like to see your work. Do you have a portfolio?

Hey Josh, if you’re still looking and are also pretty good with gameplay scripting, take a look at our recruitment thread :slight_smile:

If you are still free, contact me.
We need another level designer (if with 3D Generalist skills, it would be better) for our studio. We are actually working on a big game project if you like to join and we can still give some Royalties %

Hi Are you still looking for work? pop me a message