[UNPAID] Just a guy asking for help.

  • [UNPAID] Just a guy asking for help.

Project Title**:**
IGT – Inter Galactic Traders

Just got Unreal Engine. I have an Idea for a game but dont know where to start. No C++ knowledge or experience. I learned Basic and Fortran back in HS in the 80’s.

  • Just looking for some help and maybe codeing from someone or group to go through my Idea and help at least get it started.


  • I can do limited 3d modeleing.

  • I can do limited scripting with the right help.

Team Name**:**

Team Structure**:**
“<Project Manager><C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>” - Looking for help with mostly all of the above and I can Manage the concept and do a small part of the modeling.

Previous Work**:**
Visual basic 6.0 small programs for company machine interfaces with serial data links.

Talent Required**:**


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Just small suggestion, you did not give any information about type of game\project. That trading game can be anything from 2d 1990s elite clone to some mmo like eve online.
I am writting this because game like that is on my list of potential projects i want to create, however not in unreal engine.

I sent you a message with my synopsis…did you get it?

Yes I got it. However You should not send it to me, edit your original post instead.

Also instead of synopsis about game, give more technical information.
Like if its multiplayer or not, scope of game, artstyle, some game mechanics (for eg. if you plan dogfights or maybe realistic inertia space fighting\ flying, or 3rd person more tactical)
You know things that help artists decide if they like to work in this game artstyle or not,
For coders scope of project is important, for eg. not everybody likes\knows how to make multiplayer, almost nobody will want code mmo size project (for free\royalty).
It is quite important to not only get help, but right people that have skills on level your project needs.

And all that is explained in sticky topic.

I am not doing any bigger unreal projects atm. Doing some small stuff in unreal only to keep my skills up to date.

As it stands, I was interested in helping however I clicked this and there was nothing really to suck me into this I am a 3d Modler and if you will supply more information I will see if it is something I can help you with.

I honestly feel the same, U should probably give more detail about what your plan of action.