[UNPAID] Junior Blueprint Scripter Looking For Experience

Hi, my name is Mitch and I am looking for any sort of low-level work related to blueprint scripting.

I am self-taught in ue4 and I have no professional experience (so please forgive the omission of a portfolio) but I feel confident at this point that I can be of help to someone as free intern-like labor and in exchange I may grow my skill set, gain professional experience, and start to build a portfolio. I am sure there are gaps in my knowledge and that I will be slower to complete tasks than a more experienced individual but I am hard-working, dedicated, unpaid! :slight_smile: and terribly excited to start developing games.

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I am a graphic designer looking for someone to help with blueprint scripting lighting switches, security panels, video monitors, etc. in a home that will demo products for potential clients.

Hey there, Im working on a project right now in blueprint and if you want to help you are free too. you can message me on discord(Nate20808#3398) or you can email me( and I can tell you more about the project itself.

Hello, Lofti,

If you are still looking for work, I have a project you can probably work on, and I’ll pay you too!
DM me on discord: Cloud Darkson#6692

sorry about the very very late reply. I haven’t been in the habit of checking the forums lately. I sent you a friend request on discord, my name there is BunnyChuChu. If you’re still in need of help, let me know :slight_smile:

ok you might be a perfect fit @LOFTI im in despret need of a bp weather it be user interface or interactions like gun play opening doors using vehicals ect. im willing to share the profits. the game is a first person shooter with open world compaign Arena Styled Multiplayer including TDM CTF BTB and a survival horror hoard mode. please get back to me if you can. its really hard to find interns for this stuff and i dont have alot of money and i need to get this game out by 2024. my email is