[UNPAID initially] Open World Level Designer (jr ok)

[UNPAID initially] Open World Level Designer

Project Title:

A low-combat exploration-adventure game about depression. Born from the Mental Health Game Jam, but development is continuing. Our goal is to take the project commercial, but at this point there’s still no guarantee that will ever happen.

For now we’re looking for an unpaid assist, to make the alpha version of our world look and feel as good as it needs to be. If the alpha goes well, and we like your work, and you want to stick with us, we can discuss a contract or revenue share agreement.

We’re very distributed and inclusive already, so we don’t care where you’re from or what timezone you work in, as long as you can communicate clearly in English.

Talent Required:
Level designer (open world)

  • Experience with the landscape system, open world, foliage, and ideally world partition
  • Plus but not required: you know how to optimize the world for performance too
  • Understanding of level design: guiding, traversal routes, secrets, etc
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Ok if you’re a ‘junior’, we’re happy to provide a learning environment, but I’m hoping you show us at least a demo level you built (project or video)
  • You actually have UE5 already running on your own hardware

What you will do:

  • Good-looking and plausible landscapes
  • We’re on UE5 so you get to use all the new features
  • We have a very rough draft / biome breakdown, but realization of the specifics is up to you
  • Our world has some… peculiarities that should be fun to work with
  • It’s stealth more than combat, so optimize the world layout (and mob spawns) for the mechanics
  • Nudge the player towards progression

Re:Claim on Itch

E-mail: <Lalo Martins’ gmail>
Discord: lalomartins#8885
Or DM me here. (No applications by topic reply please, reply only if you want to ask questions first.)