[UNPAID|HOBBY] Dev looking for team


I’m a 28year old dev (located in Germany) who’s looking for a team for a hobby project.
Some facts

  • done unreal programming for ~8Month
  • programming for ~3years
  • ~10h/week for this project
  • totaly open about this project, but I’m not having that much time getting involved in planning, just want to do the coding or if needed the BP parts

I’m looking only for a hobby project

So if you need some help, let me know

cheers :slight_smile:

Any interest in working with us on this?

Hi, im working on small 3p shooter arena game, i invested already much time and some money to my project. I can also offer you royalty and 10h/week is really enough for project of that kind :slight_smile: let me know or some email and i can show you video how it will looks like. (I already have 12-13 characters only with primary fire, not much but still better than only idea :slight_smile: )

can’t offer money but i have a base setup using the shooter demo or generic shooter, need some one to do coding the get a team(faction) / class system up and running.

ps . i live in OWL/NRW

This might be interesting to check out. Feel free to apply.