[Unpaid] Freelance Map Designer/Material Editor/Blueprint Editor/SFX Engineer

Hey, I’m Itami. This is both my first post/introduction topic and a looking for work/resume post. I haven’t been using Unreal Engine for too long and spent most of my time toying with the Blueprint Editor and Material Editor. I’m not looking for payment, although offers to join a paid team would be considered if I feel comfortable with it, depending on my skill level at the given time. I want to start or join a team that seeks to either add experience to their belts or begin working on that first project.

My Goal:
Start with a small, arcadey project and once finished, utilize it to generate small ad revenue savings and awareness while I silently work on a larger project. Guys like Notch get lucky all the time, why can’t I?

My Problem:
I was primarily working alone and I never had access to a pool of assets, so I focused on building everything from scratch. I would say my biggest flaw is that I easily get intimidated by my projects and I chase ideas that are beyond my current skill level. I don’t really understand Blender. I’m reasonably familiar with modeling to consider myself beginner-level at best. To have an array of textured asset packs like foliage and structures, there are few options to go with for a no-budget one-man team like mine. Almost everything had to be made from scratch if I wanted to go the free route and a project could get pretty daunting to look at alone.

My Beginning:
I started designing video games when I was about 10. (I’m 22 now.) It started with the BYOND 2D game engine. Known for games such as Space Station 13 and Mitadake High back in the day. It came with its own programming language that I liked to play with. Fast-forward 10 years later, I’ve spent a little more time in Unity Engine than I have in Unreal. After almost 4 years of using Unity religiously, I quickly yielded to UE4 as the more preferable of the two. I’ve used UE4 for about a year or so and, as stated above, mostly dabbled with Blueprints and Materials. I aspired to generate some small, good-looking materials that were created procedurally with noise to save RAM.

My Skills:
Level Design: Utilizing existing assets to create a functional environment.
Sound Engineering: Editing SFX or BGM. Less on the creation department.
Blueprint Editing: Experience with vector mathematics and some experience with networking and replication.
Material Editing: The creation and editing of 2D Textures and Materials for use with props and geometry.
UI Editing: The construction and editing of functioning UI blueprints using pre-existing UI assets.

My Programs:
Unreal Engine 4 (1 Year, Beginner)
Unity Engine (3-4 Years, Intermediate)
Valve’s Hammer Editor (6-7 Years, Adept)
Paint.NET (1-2 Years, Adept)
Audacity (1-2 Years, Adept)
CrazyBump (1 Year, Intermediate)
Blender (2-3 Years, Beginner)
Oculus (1 Year, Beginner)

Hi there, are you familiar with particle systems? I have some paid work I need done.

I have some good experience with Unity particle systems, but almost no experience using the UE4 particle editor. It’s one of those things I’m in the process of learning.

There is a long term unpaid/royalty project I started and could use some help with building a cityscape, interiors and maybe some effects…

Drop me a pm if you are interested.

Still looking?

Are you still available?