[UNPAID] Control Rig Template! (Personal and Community project)

Hello all, I am looking for a developer with in-depth knowledge of blueprint Nodes, to build a Control rig Template with basic and advanced features.

Basic Rig

  • It should have a complete IK control system.
  • With basic bone IK nodes.
  • Appendage bones, Feet, hands, the head should chain off spine bones.
  • With FV control points.

Advanced Rig

  • Raycast(LineTrace) setup for external environment interaction.
  • Multiple blueprint Nodes setup for editing for external triggers.
  • Passive and direct action setup for events.

The project will be looking to push the Control rig as far as it can go. I would like to publish the Template on the marketplace for free, for the community to use after. I have other ideas I would like to use in the CRT, but I am not sure how feasible that will be, and chatting to someone with real depth and understanding of the nodes would help to see if these ideas are possible!

Contact me through Discord Tipperty#9036 I will also check the forums from time to time.