[UNPAID] Concept for a strategy card/board game.

I’m looking for people that are interested in making the basics of a hybrid between a board/strategy game in the style of Heroes of Might and Magic or Civilisation with a deck building collectable card game such as Magic the Gathering or Hearstone. As of now, I have no team to help me and no way of funding anything, but if I do put up a team of people willing to help, I will start a Go Fund Me and try to support people who wishes to help me.
I have the basis of the game rules and set up written on a document alongside basically what I want from the programmers. Right now, I don’t even really care about graphics or animation, I at least want to see if the basics of the game, which would work on a grid and an interface which displays what you can play and so forth. The game would play a lot like chess mixed with Magic the Gathering and I can already provide the music for it since I am a musician myself. I don’t think the programming job I’m asking is the most advanced for now since the vast majority of the coding would be in the cards themselves and how they react to the board. If you are interested in hearing the details, feel free to answer.