[UNPAID] Composer for hire

Hi! I don’t know if I’m allowed to create this topic here but there I go anyway (feel free to delete/move this thread if I’m not allowed to post this here)

I am a composer from Canada looking for some work. Well, not really work since I do it for free. :stuck_out_tongue: I can write pretty much any kind of music, but I’m really interested in writing music for RPG, adventure and Horror games.

Here’s my soundcloud account

Contact me via PM if you are interested.

I’m looking forward to helping you in your projects. :slight_smile:

I have moved your thread to the correct location. Thanks.

Looking for Sound Developer, reply to forum post

I am writing to you for your forum post. This post is a bit old, so I don’t know if the offer still stands.
I have assembled a team of one amazing programmer, one passionate artist, one beginner animator, one passionate game designer, and one game producer. Our objective is to make the most beautiful, most polished game possible that we will hopefully release on Android, iOS platforms. We are doing this so that we could earn some startup cash, so that we could found our own company.
The game is small, simple and casual. It will only have 4 screens, main menu, level select, win and lose screen. The music score and the sound fx will be vibrant, playful, cartoonish and lovable.
We are looking for a competent and friendly sound developer. I checked your portfolio and sound tracks. Sounded lovely.
This is Revenue Share project. Whatever the game earns at the app stores, we will share.
If interested, please send me a reply at
If not, then that is alright, I will keep on browsing the forum and keep on looking.
With good wishes,