[UNPAID] C++ programmer looking for a serious team to learn UNREAL, preferably RPG game.

Hello there guys. In the past I took part as a programmer in some small projects, but we didn’t really get far. So now after some time, I’d really like to get back to gamedev, and I really like UNREAL, which I am learning now. Searching for a project to stick for a long time, preferably something with RPG elements.

**Skillset(s):**C++ Programmer, minor art stuff.

At first worked as a web programmer, tried some c++ game projects, but the team disbanded on the early stage of creating the game.
About 1 year as a game designer in a small company.
About a year now working with c++.

Previous Work:
A few small games for iOS as a game designer, not as a programmer, also did some character concept art, and the art assets for a small stickman game, but it wasn’t anything serious, my skill in art isn’t that great :slight_smile: Will post later a link on youtube if anyone would like to see.

Deviantart link in case someone find this useful for a programmer ?:

Skype: dorelusarts