"Unpaid" but with compensation - Logo/GUI/Web designer

I am looking for a skilled Logo/GUI/Web designer who can deliver quality hand painted designs

Technically the job(s) are “unpaid” and meant for people who want to build out their portfolio. However I have quite a big budget to spend on the parts of the game that I can’t do myself. The reason I’m doing this under the “unpaid” tag is because I’m currently unemployed and don’t have the independent statute. So I can’t work with contracts, but I will donate the money through PayPal after the task or stage of the task is completed. I’m a fair person who values other people’s work/talent. So I will pay what I think is fair based on how happy I am with the end result and amount of hours worked on it.

I have enough tasks and budget for a full month of work, but the tasks will be spread across several months. I am looking for a motivated artist who is willing to work as fast as possible (There’s no reason to work slow just to make sure you still have work and more payment/hour, this I why I pay based on the end result rather than paying / hour, this is also meant for portfolio workers in the first place.)

Now about the project and tasks.

The project I am working on is an Action RPG in the likes of Diablo/Torchlight/Path of Exile/Titan Quest / Grim Dawn etc… Here is a movie of the project when I was 8 months in development: (I’m now 1 year and 2 months in development so a lot has changed, but the movie should give you a good insight in what I’m developing.

Now the tasks:

  1. A game logo
  • A hand painted logo with some sort of flame in it.
  • You can work in stages, you will deliver multiple sketches/thumbnails of ideas, after which I will pay a small fee and pick one or two sketches/thumbnails to work out in more detail. You can then still show steps in between and preferably ask for feedback.
  • attached is a logo of Torchlight that I like, for reference
  • attached is also the logo of Emberheart that I had so far. Which obviously needs to be improved.
  • The game logo will have to be designed with a future game UI in mind, so it fits together.
  1. An entire game user interface. This will have to be done in multiple stages/tasks, and I will pay per task completed.
  • You can see some examples of what I have so far in the movie above. I will send a more in depth briefing of each task with screenshots included when the task will be started.
  • There are UI windows like Inventory/Character stats pane/Skill book/ Crafting system window/ Game menu/ Skill bar / Health/mana globes/ Main menu windows etc…
  1. A “company” logo for Rebel Camp Games
  • It should fit in a website design
  • Again, you can work in stages. Send me sketches/thumbnails for feedback and some first payment, then I will pick one or two to be worked out in detail
  • attached is a logo that I have so far, which has to be improved. instead of icy effect I would rather have a fiery effect. And a better font/letter drawing and better placement of the logo elements.
  1. A website design for Rebel Camp Games website.
  • This is for later, but it’s good to have some ideas already so you can first design the company logo so it will fit in the web design.
  • Attached is a screenshot of a webdesign that I like (the Warforged screenshot)

I would like to start first with the game logo. I currently have only 39 euro left in my PayPal account (will have more when I sold my music studio gear or when I transferred money from my other bank account) so I’d like to start with the sketching/thumbnailing stage of the logo, and pay 20 euro (= about 22 USD) after that’s done.

If you’re interested, leave me an email with your questions or otherwise provide me with some details like:

  • Motivation
  • Portfolio/work samples
  • Resume if you have one or a link to your LinkedIn page.
  • Expected time needed for completing a game logo from start to finish and maybe how much Euro/USD you think is fair for a full logo.

Also good to know is if you’re only interested in one/some jobs or all of them. I prefer a person who can do all of them, so we can have a great working relationship :wink: But if you can only do webdesign, or only logos and game UI, I can consider that as well.



Stefan “Stellarbe” Geerinckx